For notice. Photographic competition!!! “Contemporary Prague in the photographic works of the students”.

For notice. Photographic competition!!! “Contemporary Prague in the photographic works of the students”.

The Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), The Art Design Centre and the RSUH mission in Prague have announced a photographic competition Contemporary Prague in the photographic works of the students.

The works will be accepted till April 1 2011 for the nominations:

  1. Architecture of Prague

  2. Everyday life of Prague

The photographic works selected by the jury from the pieces taking part in the competition will be shown on the exhibition (in the showrooms of the RSUH and in Prague) and will be published in the exhibition’s catalogue and in the Russian and the Czech media with the indication of the photographers’ names. The prizes for the winners in each of the nominations will be sponsored by the leading photographic companies.

The winners will be selected by the jury which includes professors of the Art Design Centre and the outstanding Russian and Czech specialists in the field of photography.

The terms of the competition:

  1. The works are accepted till April 1 2011

  2. The works by the students from both the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic are accepted.

  3. One participant is allowed to provide not more than 10 photographic works.

  4. The works can be provided both by the photographers themselves or by their authorized representatives.

  5. Photographic collages are not accepted.

  6. The photographic series are allowed for participation in the competition however preference will be given to the single works.

  7. The organizers of the project keep the rights to select works from the ones provided for the project and also to define the nomination for these works.

  8. The winners are estimated by the jury.

 Requirements for the photographic works

  1. Digital images: JPEG files not more than 3 Mb, RGB, from 800x600 to 2560x1920. In case the image is selected as a probable winner, it should be resent in at a maximum quality.

  2. The photographic prints should range from 22 cm to 40 cm for the longer side.   

  3. The usage of graphic redactors is acceptable though not welcomed. The chances of winning the competition are increased for the works with minimum graphic redaction interference.

  4. Every work should be provided with the required information (the photographer’s name and surname, the home college / university (the name of the college / university, the department / institution, the course, the form of education), date of birth, residence address, index, telephone number, e-mail address, the title of the work, its description and the date of shooting).

  5. The digital images should be sent to the following e-mail address:

  6. The photographic prints should be sent by mail to the following RSUH address: 125993, ГСП-3, г. Москва, Миусская пл., д. 6.